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Sales Manager

Position Posting - Jastram Technologies Sales Manager

Jastram Technologies, Canada’s leading distributer of naval and commercial marine equipment has an immediate opening for a professional and performance-oriented Sales Manager to be located in any one of our offices – North Vancouver, BC, St. Catharines, ON or Dartmouth, NS.   Our ideal candidate will be able to inspire, lead and manage the Jastram Technologies sales team to grow market share, revenue and margin.

Key aspects of the position include:

  • Ensuring that the sales team has the necessary resources to perform properly
  • Coordinating the sales action plans for individual sales personnel
  • Setting targets for individual sales personnel and driving them to achieve those targets
  • Liaising with other company departments/ functions to provide support and/or remove obstacles
  • Assisting in the preparation of sales presentations and proposals
  • Managing the sales pipeline including investigating, analyzing and responding to wins and losses
  • Meeting or exceeding the Jastram corporate metrics including on-time delivery and quality goals
  • Gathering and analyzing data, including market research, customer and competitor analyses to identify sales opportunities
  • Developing and implementing promotional ideas, plans and materials
  • Cultivating effective business relationships with executive decision makers at key accounts
  • Analyzing product and product portfolio performance
  • Preparing and maintaining budgets
  • Collaborating with and assisting the general manager in the preparation of strategic plans to:

o    Identify opportunities/needs for product and/or product portfolio enhancement based upon market feedback, customer feedback, competitors’ offerings and any other relevant information.

o    Identify opportunities for new market development geographically with the goal of growing JTL’s geographic market coverage expands over time for both sales and service


The Sales Manager must:

  • Be bilingual
  • Be self motivated, work hard, be resourceful and achieve results on time
  • Have excellent written and verbal skills
  • Be organized
  • Be goal oriented and data driven
  • Be innovative
  • Have a deep understanding of the sales process and management of sales people for maximum results
  • Be legally able to work and travel throughout Canada

Education and experience

  • Business degree or related professional qualification
  • Experience in all aspects of planning and implementing sales strategy
  • Technical sales skills
  • Proven experience in customer relationship management
  • Knowledge of market research techniques and tools
  • Experience in managing and directing a sales team
  • Marine industry knowledge
  • Command in the application and use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Each and every staff member in Jastram Group has a responsibility to work constructively and cooperatively with every other member of staff to ensure that Jastram customers are served in accordance with Jastram’s mission, values, plans, policies and procedures.

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