Friday, 20 July 2018 12:06

USCG investigates spill in Canadian waters

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The US Coast Guard is investigating the 88-foot fishing vessel Mark I for knowingly discharging oil overboard in Canadian waters. On July 7th Transport Canada's National Aerial Surveillance crew detected the Mark I transiting through the Canadian exclusive economic zone 97-miles off of Cape St. James, BC with an approximate 26-mile oil sheen trailing behind. The USCG pollution response investigators and investigative service agents boarded the Mark I in Dutch Harbor, Friday. During the boarding they found evidence that bilge waste and oil had been discharged overboard.  The operators of Mark I have been order to perform certain marine environmental actions and clean up. US vessels are prohibited from discharging oil or oily water within and outside US waters.  The Mark I violated the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships and the discharge can result in up to 10 years confinement and a criminal fine up to $250,000. 

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