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Jul 20 - F/V Margiris

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The super trawler and factory ship Margiris is the world's second largest fishing vessel.  She has been surrounded by a significant amount of controversy over the years as states look to control its catch and operations.  Australia has banned trawlers over 130 metres from fishing in its waters. Tasmania is looking to strengthen its existing ban that restricts vessels larger than 38 metres in length from fishing in their waters, up to three nautical miles off the shores of Australia. The Tasmanian recreational fishing industry is worth about $93 million to the economy.

Flag:           Lithuania
Builder:       rebuilt by Mjellem & Karlsen Verft, Bergen Norway 1997
Homport:    Klaipeda 
Tonnage:    9,499 GT / 6,200 DWT
Length:      142 m
Beam:        17 m
Decks:       32



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