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Aug 3 - CSL Spirit

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521 CSL Spirit2

Frequently seen in the Pacific Northwest, the CSL Spirit is a self-unloader that uses her discharge boom to discharge cargo without shore-based unloading equipment. Self-unloaders can operate 24 hours a day at speeds up to 5,000 tonnes per hour. These versatile vessels can operate and discharge cargo in any accessible waterway, and can provide offshore transshipment operations, topping up or offloading into larger vessels.

Built:              2001
Length:        225 m
Breadth:        32 m
DWT:          70,018
Boom:           79 m

521 CSL Spirit521 CSL unloader


Self-unloaders have a reduced environmental footprint as loading and discharging cargo from the vessel can be carried out within a completely enclosed system. Advanced dust suppression equipment and fully enclosed or covered booms further reduce the potential for dust and spillage. Noise generated by the ship’s self-unloading machinery is controlled through the use of acoustic enclosures and sound barriers.




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