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Friday, 07 October 2016 09:17

Oct 7 - Thorco Logos

Seen here against the backdrop of Lynnterm is the multipurpose general cargo vessel Thorco Logos. Thorco Shipping was established 13 years ago by Mr. Thor Stadil and is today reputed to be the world’s second-biggest mover of goods larger than container size such as wind turbines and industrial components for oil rigs and LNG trains. The company has a fleet of 105 vessels compared to Germany’s BBC Chartering the largest operator in the sector which operates about 150 vessels. The company’s latest new build program is based on a series of so called “L Class” vessels including the pictured Thorco Logos which is of advanced fuel efficiency design. Built by Honda Heavy Industries Shipyard, Japan in 2015LOA 131.7mBeam 23mGRT 13,110 tonsDWT 16,949 MTCranes: 2 x 50MT (tandem 100 MT)Registered in PanamaSisters Ships: Thorco Lily, Legion, Luna, Legacy, Logic, Lineage, Lanner, Liva, Lohas    Launched in 2003, Thorco Shipping is headquartered in Copenhagen with offices in Svendborg, Bremen, Dubai, Hong Kong, Houston, London, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo and Winschoten in The Netherlands. Thorco assumed control of a fleet of around 40 vessels from fellow Danish shipping company Clipper in September 2013 but makes no bones in describing the company’s…
Friday, 30 September 2016 08:21

Sept 30 - Leopold LD

A good example of modern Capesize tonnage, and named after the founder of the Louis Dreyfus Group, is the Leopold LD which was named jointly with La Briantais and La Guimorais, the first two vessels in a series of four Handysize B.Delta37 vessels, at the Tianjin Xingang Shipyard in October 2013. The ordering of these vessels was notable for the return of the family owned Louise Dreyfus to the dry bulk market with owned tonnage, after selling most of the company’s fleet between 2005 and 2008 at the height of the boom years, thereby sticking to the group’s long term strategy of selling ships when the market is high and buying when freight levels are low. Built by Tianjin Xingang Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co. in 2013Owned and operated by Louise Dreyfus Armateurs Group (LDA)LOA 292mBeam 45mGRT 93,801 tonsDWT 179,861 MTRegistered in Malta      The new Capesize design developed by Louis Dreyfus saves about 7,000 tons of CO2 per ship and per year while the new Handysize B.Delta37 vessels are more compact than similar ships, with greater intake and lower fuel consumption. The Deltamarin hull design provides for a shallow draft (10.7m) on 40,000t deadweight with a fuel saving of…
Friday, 23 September 2016 12:58

Sept 23 - YM Movement

Seen approaching Lions Gate Bridge recently is the container vessel YM Movement for her Thursday afternoon into Friday day shift window at GCT’s Vanterm Container Terminal. The vessel operates in a service loop from Ningbo, ShanghaI and Busan to Tacoma and Vancouver. Built by Koyo Dockyard, Mihara, Japan in 2013Owned and managed by Shoei Kisen, Imabari, JapanChartered by Yang Ming LineLOA 293.2mBeam 40.0mGRT 71,821 tonsDWT 72.370 MTRegistered in Panama   Headquartered in Keelung, Taiwan, Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation (Yang Ming) was established in December 1972 and today operates a fleet of around 105 vessels of around 6 million tons DWT having almost 600,000 TEU of capacity. Yang Ming has also made terminal investments in exclusive terminals at Keelung and Kaohsiung in Taiwan, Los Angeles and Tacoma in the U.S; Antwerp in Belgium and Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The four berth Kao Ming Container Terminal in Kaohsiung Harbor of Taiwan is the company’s flagship transhipment hub in Asia. Sister company Kuang Ming Shipping Corporation is the company’s global bulk shipping arm. The company has historical links with the China Merchants Steam Navigation Company (CMSNC), which dates back to the Qing Dynasty (1872–1912) and the so called Self-Strengthening Movement of that…
Friday, 16 September 2016 13:05

Sept 16 - Seaodyssey

                              artist's rendering of the MT Seaodyssey – LR1 product tanker Last weekend was a great occasion for Hong Kong based Valles Steamship and the company’s team here in Vancouver at Valles Steamship (Canada) Ltd.  September 10 was the occasion for the naming of the company’s newbuild LR1 tanker, the MT Seaodyssey. Built by Guangzhou Shipyard International Co. Ltd, PRCOwned and operated by Valles SteamshipLOA 250mBeam 44mSummer draft 13.7mGRT 64,092 tonsDWT 113,388 MTMain engine: MAN B&W 6G60ME-c 9.2 Tier IIService speed 14.5 knotsComplement: 14 officers and 16 ratings   The design of Seaodyssey brings together several aspects of modern naval architecture including the Leadge Bow (developed from the Ax-bow) and an Asymetrical Stern designed to provide a highly efficient hull form. Thanks to the use of high grade construction materials throughout, she is assigned the latest ABS notation of ECTC (SC) for Enhanced Cargo Tank Cleaning. She also comes equipped with enhanced satellite communications along with a sophisticated CCTC security monitoring system. Bearing in mind that the Ballast Water Management Convention will take effect on September 8 2017, the vessel comes prepared with a D-2 standard ballast water…
Friday, 09 September 2016 08:46

Sept 9 - Jubilee Seaways

                              Jubilee Seaways – the largest LEGO ship model in the world Apparently motivated by some of the recent outstanding performances at the Rio Olympics and wanting to do something unique for the company’s 150th anniversary, Danish ferry operator DFDS decided to go for a world record of their own by building a new Guinness World Record Breaking (Lego) Ship M/V Jubilee Seaways. Based on a futuristic design concept, construction involved 7,000 people spread over 20 countries and amazingly took only two weeks. As shown above, she is mounted on a company trailer and is now on tour, apparently receiving a rapturous reception wherever she goes including the Tall Ships Regatta. Built by 7,000 DFDS employees in 900 person hours spread across 75 locations in 20 countriesLOA 12.4mBeam 1.7mKeel to upper mast 2.72mWeight, 2,860 kgsThe ship, plus the trucks, cars and other details consists of 1,015,000 LEGO bricks    DFDS partnered with the Lauritzen Foundation to construct a record-breaking LEGO ship. DFDS employees around the world added bricks to individual sections, which were combined to complete the vessel, which was unveiled last week. Prior to Jubilee Seaways, the largest known LEGO model was that of USS Missouri at 7.8m In 1866 several small…
Friday, 02 September 2016 14:07

Sept 2 - Olympic Future

As we transition from the International Olympics to the International Paralympics beginning September 7, it is easy to overlook the origins of the Olympic movement. The Ancient Olympic Games were religious and athletic festivals held every four years at the sanctuary of Zeus in Olympia, Greece. Competition took place between the athletes of the day representing the city states and kingdoms of Ancient Greece. The first Games to be held under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee were hosted in Athens in 1896 when the Games brought together 14 nations and 241 athletes who competed in 43 events. The original intent was for Greece to host the games every four years but the IOC decided that subsequent Games would be rotated through selected host cities. The Olympic name was also adopted by the legendary Greek ship owner Aristotle Onassis who is widely credited with developing the world’s largest fleet of modern tankers in the 1960’s and 70’s. Amazingly, he insisted that their hulls be painted white, a huge additional cost to their maintenance and one even had a piano installed in the owner’s suite. The name lives on through a foundation created in memory of his only son Alexander,…
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