• RidleyIsland
    Shorter sailing distances combined with efficient rail service make Western Canada gateways a good choice.
  • Nanaimo
    Western Canada's gateways generate over $21B in economic output and benefits families and communities across Canada.
  • SouthShore
    The marine community and vessel operators comply with strict regulations to protect our coastal communities and our environment.
  • ThirdBerth
    Each year west coast ports generate over $21 billion in economic output. and an estimated $1.5 billion in tax revenue.
Vancouver Harbour
 The Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia represents vessel owners, operators and shipping agencies engaged in international trade through Canada’s Pacific gateway.  The association fosters the development of collaborative solutions and promotes the development of effective and responsive legislation that continues to support a robust and sound shipping industry.
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Shipping is the most efficient means of moving cargo worldwide, with ships carrying more than 90% of global trade by water.  As ships transit through many jurisdictions and can cross several boundaries in one voyage, the international governance of shipping is essential for industry to maintain a degree of consistency and global acceptance.

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cat projects

British Columbia is seeing an unprecedented level of investment in ports, terminals and infrastructure to support Canada's growing trade with Asia.  Each project helps create a more competitive environment for our ports and more jobs for communities throughout Western Canada.

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Norwegian Jade Ships Bridge

While international shipping has embraced the use of new technologies to enhance the mariner's toolkit for safe navigation, ships still look to our professional marine pilots to assist in the safe navigation of vessels along our coast and in the Fraser River.  The requirements for the safe navigation of ships are embodied in the Canada Shipping Act 2001 and other key pieces of marine-related legislation in Canada.

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Tankers have been calling BC ports for several decades and continue to demonstrate that industry best practices, which often exceed regulations, can ensure that these transits are done safely and without any harm to the surrounding environment. 

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416 Baroque1

   Neo Panamax bulk carrier Baroque – the first vessel to test the new Panama Canal locks

On June 9th this year, the Panama Canal expansion project reached a long awaited milestone with the transit of the bulk carrier Baroque through the new Agua Clara locks on the Atlantic end of the Canal. The vessel was chartered by the Panama Canal Authority specifically for testing the newly constructed locks, the key component of the $5.25 billion expansion project, initially planned for completion in 2014 to commemorate the centenary of the waterway’s first opening in 1914. Full commercial operations are due to begin on June 27 with several container ships already scheduled for transit. The first waterway’s official inauguration will be China COSCO Shipping’s container vessel Andronikos.

Owned by Golden Union Shipping of Greece
Built in 2011
LOA 255m
Beam 43m
GRT 63,940 tons
DWT 114,248MT on 12.95m
Registry: Valetta, Malta
Previous name Chara

416 Baroque2 416 Baroque3 416 Baroque4

The trial runs are intended to supplement the intensive training of Panama Canal pilots and mooring crews over the past two years at the canal’s in-house simulator training center and scale model facility, following the decision of the Authority to dispense with locomotive assistance through the locks in favor of tugs. Transits through the new locks will be initially limited to only four vessels per day to allow for familiarization.

See the trials video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xA2TyFxbH9Q

The Panama Canal Expansion project was considered and analyzed for a decade with more than 100 studies before being subject to a national referendum for approval. The expansion includes the construction of a new set of locks on both the Atlantic and Pacific sides and multiple dredging projects to create a second lane of traffic along the Canal. The new locks are much wider and deeper than the current locks (180 feet versus 110 feet and 60 feet versus 42 feet) and recycle nearly 60 percent of the water used per lockage with state of the art water savings basins. The project effectively doubles the waterway's cargo capacity and will provide greater economies of scale to global commerce through Neopanamax (formerly called Post-Panamax) built ships. 

Ship of the week is courtesy of Capt. Stephen Brown, West Pacific Marine.


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