• RidleyIsland
    Sailing distances to British Columbia's ports can be up to 68 hours shorter than calls to US west coast ports. Efficient rail services connect customers to major urban centres in Canada and the US mid-west.
  • Nanaimo
    Shipping activities in British Columbia's ports benefit families and communities throughout Western Canada by supporting over 100,000 jobs and over $6.1 billion in wages each year.
  • SouthShore
    The marine community and vessel operators comply with strict regulations to protect our coastal communities and our environment.
  • ThirdBerth
    Each year west coast ports generate over $21 billion in economic output. and an estimated $1.5 billion in tax revenue.
Vancouver Harbour
 The Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia represents vessel owners, operators and shipping agencies engaged in international trade through Canada’s Pacific gateway.  The association fosters the development of collaborative solutions and promotes the development of effective and responsive legislation that continues to support a robust and sound shipping industry.
  • Industry Governance
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  • Safe Navigation
  • Tanker Safety


cat imo

Shipping is the most efficient means of moving cargo worldwide, with ships carrying more than 90% of global trade by water.  As ships transit through many jurisdictions and can cross several boundaries in one voyage, the international governance of shipping is essential for industry to maintain a degree of consistency and global acceptance.

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cat projects

British Columbia is seeing an unprecedented level of investment in ports, terminals and infrastructure to support Canada's growing trade with Asia.  Each project helps create a more competitive environment for our ports and more jobs for communities throughout Western Canada.

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Norwegian Jade Ships Bridge

While international shipping has embraced the use of new technologies to enhance the mariner's toolkit for safe navigation, ships still look to our professional marine pilots to assist in the safe navigation of vessels along our coast and in the Fraser River.  The requirements for the safe navigation of ships are embodied in the Canada Shipping Act 2001 and other key pieces of marine-related legislation in Canada.

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Tankers have been calling BC ports for several decades and continue to demonstrate that industry best practices, which often exceed regulations, can ensure that these transits are done safely and without any harm to the surrounding environment. 

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389 FurnessVictoria

                                                     Furness Victoria

Here to load grain recently was the modern Supramax Furness Victoria displaying funnel colors which 50 years ago were an everyday sight in Vancouver when many of us made our first visits to the west coast but which are now sadly a rarity.

Built by Kawasaki Sakaide Works, Sakaide, Japan in 2012
Owned by East Blue Line S.A.
Managed by Fakunaga Kaiun, Saiki, Japan
LOA 197m
Beam 32m
GRT 33,084 tons
DWT 58,648 MT
Class NK
Main engine Kawasaki 1D : 2 SA 6 CY with 8,630 kW
Maximum speed on sea trials; 16 knots
Strengthened for heavy cargo loading where hold nos. 2 & 4 may be empty
Capacities: fuel oil 2,176.00 MT,  fresh water 392 MT,  water ballast 17,482 MT

389 FurnessVictoria2 389 FurnessVictoria3 389 FurnessVictoria4

Furness Withy Chartering operates from both London and Melbourne as a wholly owned subsidiary of Germany’s Oetker Group. The original Furness Withy, was established in the UK in 1891 and together with a number of subsidiaries became one of the largest post world war II shipping companies in the world. The fall of the company is synonymous with the decline of the once dominant British Merchant Navy. After falling on hard times and having failed to embrace the winds of change in shipping through the1970’s, the company was purchased by the Tung Group of Hong Kong in 1980. Rationalization continued until there was not too much left and in 1990 the company was sold on to the Oetker Group, parent company of Hamburg Sud which also has major interests in food production, brewing, hotels, banking and insurance. Still, nice to see the old funnel colors again – Stephen.


Port Security


Port Passes and Security Clearances
Information on how to obtain a port pass or a Transportation Security Clearance.

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Arrangements and Vessel Status
Vessel registrations with the certified response organization.

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