Friday, 01 December 2017 13:10

ATB incident raises alarms

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The articulated tug Jake Shearer owned by US-based Harley Marine Corporation was en route from Washington to Alaska when the fuel barge broke free in bad weather and came dangerously close to running aground near Goose Island rock grouping southwest of Bella Bella last Sunday. The barge laden with 3.5 million liters of diesel was saved by two valiant crew members who were able to drop its anchor less than one mile from Gosling rocks. The CCGS Gordon Reid was at the scene within hours and reported no pollution or damage to the hull.  According to the Canadian Government, the rescue tug Gulf Cajun arrived on scene Monday morning and was able to attach an emergency attached tow line to the barge as additional equipment was being mobilized to the area.  As of Monday afternoon, the tug and stricken barge were underway with an escort from the CCGS Gordon Reid.  The Chamber of Shipping issued a statement calling for better coastal management following the incident.

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