All vessels destined to a Canadian port must ensure that they have a valid contractual arrangement in place with the certified oil spill response organization in their region prior to arrival in Canadian waters.

On the West Coast of Canada, the certified response organization is Western Canada Marine Response Corporation. The reference to this requirement falls under the Canada Shipping Act 2001 Part 8 - Pollution Prevention and Response - Department of Transport and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and reads as follows:

167 (1) Subject to subsection (2), every prescribed vessel or vessel of a prescribed class shall

(a) have an arrangement with a response organization in respect of a quantity of oil that is at least equal to the total amount of oil that the vessel carries, both as cargo and as fuel, to a prescribed maximum quantity, and in respect of waters where the vessel navigates or engages in a marine activity; and

(b) have on board a declaration, in the form specified by the Minister, that

(i) identifies the name and address of the vessel's insurer or, in the case of a subscription policy, the name and address of the lead insurer who provides pollution insurance coverage in respect of the vessel,
(ii) confirms that the arrangement has been made, and
(iii) identifies every person who is authorized to implement the arrangement.

The following is a map of the geographic area of response covered by Western Canada Marine Response Corporation:



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