Tankers have been calling BC ports for several decades and continue to demonstrate that industry best practices, which often exceed regulations, can ensure that these transits are done safely and without any harm to the surrounding environment. 



Responsible Practices

Learn about the strict regulatory regime that governs safe oil tanker transportation in BC. Meet the people who are committed to upholding the highest standards of practice to protect BC’s marine environment. Understand the proactive preventative and response measures in place to minimize risk to the environment and our communities.

Strict Regulations

Tanker practices in BC are governed by strict regulations


Working Together - Pilots and Tug Operators

Pilots and tug operators work together to keep BC waters safe

Keeping Waters Safe

Pilots committed to keeping BC waters safe

Environmental Stewardship and Security

Environmental stewardship and security in Vancouver Harbour

Safe Loading Operations

Strict operating protocols ensure safe loading operations

British Columbia Prepared to Respond

Always prepared to respond in BC waters