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pdf ACI Newsletter - January 2014 Popular

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ACI Newsletter - Volume I January 2014 - EN.pdf

First newsletter released from Canada Border Services Agency's policy group on changes to advance reporting of goods and conveyance.  FAQ's on Conveyance Arrival Certification Message and ECCRD and e-Manifest changes for House Bills.

default Bay Plan ECCRD for Ver. 2.0.7 Popular

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Canada Border Services Agency's ACI Bay Plan EDIFACT message standard SMDG for version 2.0.7.

default Bay Plan Presentation - 5 May 2008 Popular

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CBSA proposal for carriers to file in advance vessel stow plans.

default EDI Application Form for ACI Popular

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Form BSF691 - Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Application for Advance Commerical Information (ACI) - registration form to transmit cargo and conveyance data to Canada Border Services Agency through EDI.

pdf Electronic Bay Plan Requirements Popular

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CBSA announces new electronic bay plan reporting requirements.

pdf eManifest End-State Air and Marine Carrier Presentation Popular

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CBSA's eManifest end-state air and marine carrier walk-through presented on October 23, 2015. To replay the webinar visit: that the audio quality is poor).

default February 2009 eSPN Plenary Popular

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Presentations, documents and records of the eSPN plenary held in February 2009

default IMCI Presentation - 5 May 2008 Popular

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Interdepartmental Marine Conveyance Initiative Presentation

archive Marine ANSI Message Maps Popular

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ANSI Message maps for eManifest build 2 for marine carriers, including:

  • Cargo Close
  • Exit Certification
  • Manifest Forward
  • Marine Conveyance
  • Multi-modal Cargo Manifest


archive Marine EDIFACT Message Maps Popular

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On April 14th CBSA hosted a webinar for marine carriers on build 2 for e-Manifest.  The compressed file contains maps for the following:

  • Cargo Close
  • Exit Certification MEssage
  • Manifest Forward
  • Conveyance Build
  • Multi-modal Cargo Manifest

To review the webinar and walkthrough recorded on April 14th,