Navigation and Pilotage

Pacific Pilotage Authority, and other navigational restrictions, protocols


Changes to Shift Pilot Rules Popular

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170206_Notice to Industry 2017-01 Shift Pilot.pdf

Pacific Pilotage Authority Notice to Industry re extending the rules for designating Shift Pilots to all vessel types within the Port of Vancouver effective February 13, 2017.

Letter re Amendments to Pilotage Waivers Popular

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Letter issued to all companies holding pilotage waivers for the west coast of Canada advising of new and interim measures.

PPA Press Release re Amendments to Pilotage Waivers Popular

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Press release from the Pacific Pilotage Authority advising of new and interim measures placed on operators with pilotage waivers operating in compulsory pilotage waters.

Tug escorts for Prince Rupert Channel Popular

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Tug escorts for Prince Rupert Channel

PPA Notice to Industry - Second Narrows Tanker Transits Popular

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The Pacific Pilotage Authority has released Notice to Industry 03/2016 advising of the completion of the trial at Second Narrows for tankers transits at 13.0m draft.

PPA Notice to Industry - Container Cranes Positioning Popular

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The Pacific Pilotage Authority has released Notice to Industry 02/2016 to advise of the required position of container cranes during vessel arrival and departures.

PPA Notice to Industry - Pine Island Pilot Station Procedures Popular

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The Pacific Pilotage Authority has released a a reminder of the procedures in place for using the Pine Island Pilot Station.

PPA Notice to Industry - Source Cards Popular

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Effective May 1, 2015, the Pacific Pilotage Authority will no longer be providing sources cards with each invoice.  Source cards will be made available upon request.

PPA Notice - Operating rules for vessels carrying liquids in bulk Popular

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Updated operating rules for vessels carrying liquids in bulk, fully or partially loaded with a SDWT of 40,000 or greater in Boundary Pass, Haro Strait, English Bay & Straits of Georgia.

Interim Rules for Tankers >40,000 DWT Popular

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Interim operating rules for Loaded Crude Oil tankers in Excess of 40,000 DWT transiting Haro Strait and Boundary passage.  

BCCP Operating Procedures for Second Narrows Popular

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100611_BCCP 2nd Narrows Standard Operating Procedures.pdf

BC Coast Pilots Second Narrows Standard Operating Procedures as of May 19, 2010

Pilotage Cost Estimator - 2010 Popular

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MS Excel spreadsheet developed by the Pacific Pilotage Authority that can be used to estimate pilotage costs in British Columbia.  Not to be used for vessels that exceed 225m in length overall.

Ship Bollard Capacity Concerns Popular

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Letter from Pacific Pilotage Authority stating Pilots concerns with ship bollard capacity and possible requirement for additional tug for larger vessels in certain conditions.

Pacific Pilotage Tariff - August 2009 Popular

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090805_PPA TARIFF EFFECTIVE August 1 2009.pdf

Pacific Pilotage Tariff Regulations effective 1 August 2009.

June 4, 2009 - E-Navigation Popular

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090604_BCCP E Navigation Pilotage Workshop.pdf

BC Coast Pilots presentation on e-Navigation

June 4, 2009 - 2nd Narrows MRA Popular

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090604_BCCP_Second Narrows Navigation Pilotage Workshop.pdf

BC Coast Pilots presentation on the proposed Movement Restricted Area at Second Narrows.

June 4, 2009 - Port State Control Popular

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090604_Transport Canada_PSC Inspection.pdf

Presentation by Capt. John Yeung at the Port State Control Workshop hosted by COS.

Clarification on Northern Assignment Orders Popular

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The Pacific Pilotage Authority has issued a notice to clarify how and when their Dispatch Department accepts changes for northern assignment pilot orders. This

BC Controlling Depths and Operating Parametres Popular

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A list of controlling depths and safe operating parameters for all deep-sea berths in British Columbia.  The document is maintained by the Pacific Pilotage Authority.

PPA Workshop Presentation Popular

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Presentation slides from the industry workshop put on by the Pacific Pilotage Authority on April 9, 2009