Wednesday, 08 June 2016 17:21

Chamber of Shipping Recognizes World Oceans Day

 – The Chamber of Shipping recognizes the significance of protecting Canada’s oceans, as marine shipping is intrinsically connected to the health of our oceans. Through efforts at the International Maritime Organization and in Canada, positive change is underway to reduce the impact on the environment through advanced ship-design, and reductions of air emissions, aquatic invasive species, and ship generated noise. Likewise, Canada is fortunate to have a robust safety and pollution response framework and is a leader in much of the science and development associated with these efforts.

The Chamber is supportive of recent government initiatives to dedicate scientific resources to improving risk mitigation of shipping and impact on the environment, to strengthen the mandate and capabilities of the Canadian Coast Guard, and to improve the regulatory and pollution response framework.

The Chamber’s President, Robert Lewis-Manning, stated that “a safe, sustainable, and competitive transportation framework is essential to Canada’s prosperity and competitiveness.” Shipping accounts for 90% of goods transported around the world and, in more remote communities in Canada, it provides the necessities of life. Lewis-Manning added, “This must be achieved in a sustainable manner that respects the importance of the ocean and its value to Canadians and Indigenous people.”

The Chamber encourages government leadership in comprehensive marine spatial planning to ensure waterways are managed safely and effectively, and to establish low-impact trade corridors on the land and the sea that enable international and domestic trade safely and efficiently. The Chamber looks forward to engaging in marine spatial planning processes and to working with other stakeholders to achieve a safe, sustainable, and competitive marine transportation framework.

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