Monday, 08 August 2016 12:06

Chamber of Shipping Supports Enhanced Canadian Coast Guard Base Kitsilano

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Vancouver – The official opening of the Kitsilano Canadian Coast Guard Base with enhanced capabilities is a progressive step in increasing both marine safety and environmental protection.

“The opening of this base not only signifies the government’s commitment, but also the progressive leadership of the Canadian Coast Guard. It has responded to feedback and is progressing a sophisticated strategy that includes partnerships with Indigenous People, coastal communities, and industry,” remarked the President of the Chamber of Shipping, Robert Lewis-Manning.

Moving forward, the marine industry asks the government to continue supporting additional capabilities for the Canadian Coast Guard, which include the appropriate statutory authority to fulfil its current mandate and consideration for an increased role, acceleration of the renewal of its fleet of vessels, and increased involvement with domain awareness and information systems.

Lewis-Manning added, “With increasing trade opportunities, our Coast Guard is vital to the protection of our pristine waters and supporting economic activity important to Canadians. Canada is evolving as a leader in sustainable marine transportation and continuous improvement.”

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