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Chamber supports Canada's Ocean Protection Plan

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Chamber of Shipping supports the federal government’s efforts to improve safety and environmental protection for B.C.’s coast

Vancouver, November 7, 2016 – The Chamber of Shipping congratulates the federal government for taking a new direction to protect the British Columbian coast for future generations. The Chamber is thoroughly reviewing the federal government’s National Oceans Protection Plan with our membership, which includes a broad base of marine industry-related businesses. Our diverse membership brings a multitude of perspectives to shipping and the marine industry.

The Chamber has long enjoyed a positive working relationship with our federal government partners and is pleased with today’s announcement of increased support and capacity for the Canadian Coast Guard. We also fully agree with the Prime Minister’s statement that “First Nations are always first responders” and recognize this important and developing relationship between the federal government and Indigenous People. Protecting our waterways to ensure long-term sustainability will be achieved through dialogue and partnerships with governments, coastal communities, and industry.

“We are impressed with the federal government’s progressive approach to improving Canada’s marine safety regime,” stated Chamber of Shipping’s President, Robert Lewis-Manning. “The marine industry has asked for many of the actions tabled by the government and these actions should go a long way to build the confidence of Canadians that governments, industry, and coastal communities are committed to keeping our waters safe.”

Marine shipping in B.C. is a critical industry and a key driver for the Canadian economy. Canada is a trading nation that is largely dependent on ships to move goods to and from coastal communities and international markets. The competitiveness of Canada’s gateways is essential and the Chamber is encouraged that the government continues to focus additional effort on this front, including adopting many of the recommendations made during the review of the Canadian Transportation Act and this government’s review of the future of transportation.

Quick Facts

  • 1 in every 5 Canadian jobs is directly linked to exports.
  • Over 60 percent of Canada’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is directly linked to exports.
  • Estimated 80 percent of volume of all global trade is carried by sea and handled by ports worldwide.


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