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Chamber of Shipping welcomes Trans Mountain decision

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VANCOUVER, Nov. 29, 2016 - The government's approval of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion recognizes the importance of growing capacity on all of Canada's trade corridors in the safest and most responsible manner possible. This is especially critical as Canada seeks to meet global demand from key foreign markets, and seize on all growth opportunities available. 

While trade relationships and international markets remain uncertain, it has become crucial for our leaders to open doors to new customers overseas, and protect Canada's competitiveness on the international stage. With one in five jobs directly linked to exports, the federal government's decision will mean security and jobs numerous Canadians.

"Canada's prosperity and high standard of living depend on our ability to responsibly and competitively deliver our resources, products, and services globally," says Chamber of Shipping's President, Robert Lewis-Manning. "Canada's marine industry supports the continued safe and efficient transportation of Canada's resources to world markets and welcomes the Trans Mountain pipeline approval as an important step toward seeking new opportunities in markets abroad."

The Chamber acknowledges that many Canadians remain concerned about the safety and environmental implications of shipments of petroleum products. All British Columbians, including Chamber of Shipping members, are passionate about ensuring the protection of our coast. For over half a century, petroleum products have been shipped through Vancouver without incident and tens of thousands of vessel movements occur safely in our waters annually. While there is no such condition as a zero-risk environment, there is a desire to work collaboratively on preventing incidents and providing adequate response when needed.

Through the recently announced Oceans Protection Plan, Canadians have been given the opportunity and reason to significantly improve the safety and protection regime for Canada's coasts. Moving forward, the Chamber of Shipping is committed to doing its part as the marine transportation stakeholder community – industry, government, Indigenous Peoples, environmental and community groups, and others – work together to ensure we continue to have the safest and cleanest maritime trading environment in the world.

About Chamber of Shipping

Since 1923, the Chamber of Shipping has been the representative voice of the marine industry on Canada's west coast. The importance of that voice is arguably more important today than ever before as North America's trade with Asia undergoes unrelenting growth and Canada's Asia-Pacific Gateway plays a vital role in facilitating trade efficiency for the benefit of the entire nation.

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