Friday, 29 September 2017 13:28

New east coast marine refuges

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The Government of Canada has announced two new marine refuges established through fisheries management measures to protect fish and their aquatic ecosystems and contribute an additional 11,787km2 of protected ocean area to Canada’s coasts. The following marine refuges off the Atlantic coast will contribute to the marine conservation targets of 5% this year and make a lasting contribution to marine conservation in Canada:

  • New Brunswick – The existing Miramichi Bay gillnet fisheries closure protects adult Atlantic salmon and one of its important migration corridors. This closure has been in place for many years and prohibits the use of gillnets for all commercial groundfish fisheries. 
  • Nova Scotia – The Western/Emerald Banks Conservation Area supports the productivity of groundfish, particularly as a long-standing nursery ground for haddock. All commercial and recreational fisheries using bottom-contact gear and gear known to interact with groundfish are prohibited in the majority of the closure.
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