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Statement on the Interim Protocol for Anchorages

Vancouver, February 22, 2018 – The Chamber of Shipping welcomes the Government of Canada’s announcement of further details concerning the review and modernization of anchorage operations as part of the Oceans Protection Plan.

The success of the Canada’s international trade through its western gateways continues to put pressure on the need for anchorages when fluidity of the supply chain is challenged during the winter months.
The current framework for managing anchorages throughout the South Coast of British Columbia has not been coordinated in a manner that addresses the impacts on coastal communities. The Interim Anchorage Protocol implemented on February 8, 2018 was developed with the support of the Chamber of Shipping, Pacific Pilotage Authority, and the Vancouver and Nanaimo port authorities, in an effort to immediately lessen the impact of vessels in anchorages where possible.

During the period of the Interim Anchorage Protocol, the Chamber of Shipping looks forward to working with Transport Canada officials, local First Nations, and coastal communities in developing a robust data collection plan that will inform the development of the Government of Canada’s National Anchorages Strategy under the Oceans Protection Plan.
As trade in this region is expected to increase, the time has arrived to develop a more holistic approach to managing the marine supply chain, which should include anchorage operations and elements of proactive ship management and enhanced maritime situational awareness.

Commercial shipping results in $30 billion of economic activity annually in Canada and, at 1.8% of the Canadian economy, ships move more than $200 billion worth of goods to and from global markets. From farmers to retailers, many Canadian jobs depend on a healthy and thriving trade environment supported by a robust and fluid marine transportation network. 

About Chamber of Shipping

The Chamber of Shipping represents commercial carriers and their agents in Canada which trade internationally and domestically. The marine transportation sector is vital to supporting Canadian trade and our continued prosperity and high standard of living depend on our ability to deliver resources, goods, and people in a responsible and competitive manner. Canada remains a strong trading nation, with one in five Canadian jobs and more than 60 per cent of our gross domestic product directly linked to exports.


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