Friday, 28 September 2018 14:37

Vancouver joins World Ports Climate Action

port of vancouver


The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has joined the World Ports Climate Action Program, along with the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg, and Barcelona. Under this new initiative the ports will collaborate on projects aimed at addressing global warming and focus on five specific actions:

  1. Increasing efficiency of supply chains using digital tools.
  2. Advancing common and ambitious public policy approaches on emission reductions within larger geographical areas.
  3. Accelerating development of in-port renewable power-to-ship solutions or other zero emission solutions.
  4. Accelerating the development of commercially viable sustainable low-carbon fuels for maritime transport and infrastructure for electrification of ship propulsion systems.
  5. Accelerating efforts to fully decarbonize cargo-handling facilities in our ports.

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