Friday, 19 April 2019 14:41

US coal exports expected to surge

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Speculations are that a US-China trade deal might lead to surge in metallurgical coal exports from the US to China. A trade deal could eliminate the 25% tariff on coal and bring US exports up to 2 million mt-3 million mt per year versus the current 1.1 million mt per year. Earlier this month President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order seeking to address permitting and policy obstacles preventing the export of coal and other energy resources through West Coast ports. New port facilities and improvements have been halted or delayed by state, local and tribal governments in California, Washington and Oregon. The Trump Administration is concerned that the scope of certification has moved beyond water quality to a broader political agenda. The Executive Order requests a report on the economic impacts of blocking exports of domestic coal, oil and gas through the West Coast and focuses specifically on measures to streamline the certification process under the Clean Water Act. Utah and other western coal producing states will be contributing to the report to the President documenting the harms caused by inadequate coal export infrastructure and capacity.

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