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Expanded voluntary ship slowdown through Haro Strait and Boundary Pass Will Begin Once the Whales Arrive

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The expanded voluntary slowdown through Haro Strait and Boundary Pass will being once the southern resident killer whales are confirmed in the area by hydrophone data and/or trusted observers   The whale monitoring period began on June 1.  Participants will be notified of the slowdown start by email and on the ECHO Program website. Now in its third year, the goal of the trial is to better understand and reduce underwater noise effects on Southern Resident Killer Whales in their key foraging areas. The slowdowns are part of the ECHO Program using research that shows that reducing ship speed effectively reduces the underwater noise in nearby habitats. This in turn, is predicted to benefit the behaviour and feeding success of Southern Resident Killer Whales. The distance of the trial area has been increased by 15.1 nautical miles for a total of 29.6 nautical miles. The slowdown will continue until September 30, 2019 with two-week extensions to no later than October 31 if the whales are still present in the area.



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