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Jun 28 - MARIN protoype

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In celebration of MARIN's testing of it 10,000th ship model, MARIN created a competition amongst schools in the Netherlands to design clean, smart and safe ships for the future. Four winning school classes participated in the awards event, as MARIN did not choose one winner but brought together the best ideas from the different school classes to design a ship for the future. The winning ship was in the shape of a sailfish, and had a retractable sail with solar panels, a frictionless shark skin, a flexible moving tail, and netting to catch any containers that might fall overboard.  Almost a hundred school classes and children participated in the competition. In some classes, the children worked together on a design, and in other classes, everyone made their own design. MARIN received all sorts of great ideas, drawings and short videos including ships with solar panels, sails, wind turbines and hydrogen engines for clean propulsion, floating hospitals for marine animals, cruise ships with amusement parks, chill rooms and escape rooms, and smart self-navigating ships with cameras and radars.  Each school class was given a model of the ship for the future for their classroom. The design was created and tested in one of MARIN’s model basins - video can be viewed at

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