Friday, 12 July 2019 09:32

Clear Seas report highlights limited availability of commercial tugs for emergency towing on West Coast



Clear Seas has released a research report aiming to provide an enhanced understanding of some of the risks and potential mitigation strategies associated with shipping activity in Canada’s Pacific region. The report, the Availability of Tugs of Opportunity in Canada’s Pacific Region, indicates that Canada’s West Coast faces gaps in the availability of commercial tugs to serve as emergency towing vessels for ships in distress. Existing emergency towing uses a small number of dedicated high-powered emergency towing vessels or supported by tugs of opportunity or commercial tugs that are not dedicated to rescue services. Those tugs are occasionally contracted to provide aid in the event of a ship emergency due to loss of engine power, steering or other cause. However, many tugs of opportunity are not adequate for protection for the size and type of ships now transiting our coast. Read the report here:



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