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Friday, 23 August 2019 13:35

Abandoned Tamim Aldar crews have all left vessel after 34-month ordeal

574 Tamim Aldar


After 34-months abandoned on board the UAE-flagged general cargo vessel Tamim Aldar, the entire crew has now been brought to shore. The ship was abandoned off Ras al Kaimah by owner Elite Way Marine Services with no fuel, food, potable water, or power available. Last week the remaining crew got into a lifeboat and attempted to seek refuge on shore, but were promptly returned to the vessel, which was subsequently towed into position approximately 13 km off the UAE until their rescue earlier this week. The four final crew members to leave the vessel are currently in Dubai, awaiting their unpaid wages. They are very unlikely to receive what they are owed in the full amount – the 39 other seafarers who have already been repatriated have received portions ranging from 40–75% of their wages.



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