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Greenpeace activists arrested for blocking ships

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A familiar sight to many here locally, the Houston Ship Channel was shutdown this week when 11 individuals affiliated with Greenpeace suspended themselves from the Fred Hartman Bridge.   The danglers blocked ship traffic to and from five major oil refineries and other chemical and oil export facilities for 18 hours. Harris County Sheriff’s office stated that the demonstrators will face multiple charges including obstructing the roadway and obstructing the waterway. The office is checking with the area US Attorney's office about other possible charges.

Earlier this week, Greenpeace attempted to block the MV Indian Goodwill from docking at a coal terminal at Gdansk, Poland.  Polish customs agents boarded Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior that evening, broke into her wheelhouse and detained her master on suspicion of violating maritime safety regulations. The Indian Goodwill's delivery was held up again later in the week by activists who scaled two unloading cranes at the terminal, hanging banners and blocking operation of equipment. 



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