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Sept. 20 - MS Roald Amudsen

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578 MS Roald Amudsen


The MS Roald Amudsen is the first hybrid-powered cruise ship through the Northwest Passage using a combination of massive batteries and diesel engines.  Hurtigruten, a cargo, ferry and cruise company from Norway claims it's the first time a vessel of its kind and size has sailed the route. The ship, which is named after Norway's famed polar explorer, completed a more than 3,000-nautical-mile voyage from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, ending in Nome, Alaska, on Sept. 10. Nearly 500 people were on board.

The ship's hybrid technology involves four diesel engines and two large battery packs and reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by about 20 per cent.  In some scenarios the ship can run solely off battery power for about an hour. The ship also has energy recovery systems, such as using water that cooled engines to help heat the spa and pools. All grey water and waste is stored on board.

Year Built:  2019
Shipyard:  Kleven Yards
Passenger Capacity:   530 (500 in Antartica)
Gross tonnage:  20,889
Length: 140 m
Speed: 15 knots

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