Friday, 18 October 2019 14:32

Port of Rotterdam Real-time Dry Cargo Tracking

581 Roterdam


The Port of Rotterdam now offers the tracking of dry cargo flows. NPRC, the inland shipping cooperative, digitized its ‘supply chain’ in an efficient way in order to enable clients to monitor the status of their cargo with precision. Clients have been in the position to track connections to sea-going transport in Rotterdam as well as have real-time insight into inland shipping transport.  Over the past year, the NPRC started investing in data-driven logistics optimization. NPRC is one of Europe’s biggest bulk providers, handling 14 million tonnes of dry cargo annually, with around 200 NPRC-affiliated inland vessels are in transit somewhere in Europe daily. NPRC’s German agricultural clients can now use the online dashboard to see exactly when they can expect their wheat or animal feed to arrive.  The module for sea-going vessels was developed in partnership with the Port of Rotterdam Authority.



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