Friday, 18 October 2019 14:34

Greek Shipowners support limits on main engine power

584 Greek ship owners


In line with IMO's Initial Strategy for decarbonisation of shipping industry, Greece has come forward with a concrete proposal for a short-term, prescriptive measure to improve the operational energy efficiency of existing ships, to be considered at the forthcoming meeting of the IMO’s intersessional technical group in November. Building on an existing proposal backed by the ICS and IMO Member States, Greece’s submission supplements the strengthened Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (super SEEMP) in a way that ensures the accomplishment of the IMO 2030 Target, which envisages a 40% cut in CO2 emissions by 2030.

The proposed measure prescribes the limit of the main engine power that ships over 5,000 GT can use under normal circumstances to maintain the level of CO2 emissions from ships at a historical low (2012) over a three-year phase-in period, commencing before 2023. The sectoral prescriptive approach it takes prescribes that bulk carriers and tankers reduce their main engine power by 50% and container ships by 66% and that charterers should clearly be obliged to adhere to any measure adopted to reduce GHG emissions from ships.



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