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Prince Rupert Port Authority hosts screening of Sonic Sea

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Recently, the Prince Rupert Port Authority hosted two screenings of the Emmy-Award winning film Sonic Sea. The film highlights the impact of human-made ocean noise on marine mammals. Following the film, the Chamber’s President, along with the film’s producer, Michael Jasny, and local marine mammal scientist, Dr. Lance Barret-Lennard, hosted a panel session focused on the success of partnerships in British Columbia in reducing acoustic disturbance from shipping.

The Port of Prince Rupert has an active and popular marine mammal program that includes collaboration with partners on programs, initiatives, and data sharing. The program is based on science, research, engagement, education and the development s of practical tools. Components of the program include: support of the North Coast Cetacean Research Initiative; underwater noise work with hydrophones; Green Marine’s underwater noise performance indicator; modeling of current and future noise; and incentivizing quieter vessels through Green Wave Program (one of only two ports in the world). Additionally, there has been recent collaborations with partners on the Mariners Guide to Walks for Western Canada, Whale Report Alert System, Whales in our Waters, the North Coast Whale Festival and the screening of Sonic Sea.



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