Since 1923, the Chamber has been the representative voice of the marine industry on Canada’s west coast. The importance of that voice is arguably more important today than ever before as North America’s trade with Asia undergoes unrelenting growth and Canada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway plays a vital role in facilitating trade efficiency for the benefit of the entire nation.  The Chamber takes considerable pride in harnessing constructive relationships with legislators at all levels and in facilitating solutions focused meetings between members and other influential marine partners and stakeholders.

The Board of Directors of the Chamber is comprised of eleven members that provide governance, policy direction and industry oversight to the activities of the association. Board members also chair standing committees which deal with day to day local issues but to which the secretariat also reports wider national and international issues which have (or the potential to have) a bearing on the marine industry, commercially and/or operationally. In this context, the Chamber’s close working relationships with a number of other Canadian, U.S., and International marine and business associations allow us to provide input at the highest levels of marine policy making. 


The Secretariat:


Robert Lewis-Manning                 President
Bonnie Gee Vice President
Denien Ford Policy and Projects
Douglas Larsson Office Manager
Janet Kelly Communications Specialist
Carol Jensen Administrative Assistant
Alicia Morishita Port Pass Coordinator