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Chamber of Shipping appoints new Directors to board at AGM

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At the Chamber of Shipping’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday, two new directors were elected. Vacancies on the Board opened following the resignation of the Chair, Kim Christensen of ACGI Shipping who retires after nearly 50 years in the marine industry, and Marc Fellis of Westward Shipping declined to seek another term. The Board of Directors for 2019 are as follows:


• Chair, Garth Mitcham, of CSL International
• Vice Chair, Peter Amat of Pacific Basin Shipping (Canada) Ltd.
• Treasurer, Oscar Pinto, of Valles Steamship (Canada) Ltd
• Director, Stan Bowles of MOL Chemical Tankers - America
• Director, Richard Chappell of Westwood Shipping Lines
• Director, Anthony Damron of G2 Ocean
• Director, Dave Hill of Wheelhouse Shipping Agency
• Director, Tony Pearkes, of Oldendorff Carriers – Vancouver
• Director, George Runyon of Evergreen Shipping Agency (America) Corporation
• Director (Associate), Donna Spalding of Cruise Line International Association
• Director (Associate), Peter Swanson of Bernard LLP

The AGM provided an opportunity to update members on pressures facing the industry with efforts focussed on increasing marine mammal and environmental protection, reducing supply chain congestion, and improving overall competitiveness. Wrapping up the AGM was our guest speaker, Andy Calitz, President & CEO of LNG Canada, who presented an exciting update on its $40B project in Kitimat, BC that will create approximately 10,000 jobs at peak construction and new opportunities for First Nations.



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