Friday, 18 October 2019 15:15

Kitimat LNG to detail climate change impact

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The BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) has asked Chevron Corp. to provide details on the impact of its proposed terminal at Bish Cove on climate change. Kitimat LNG has indicated that it will be one of the lowest GHG emitters of its type by using technology powered by electric motors using hydroelectricity. A draft document released by EAO opens the door for a discussion on taking a worldwide view on GHGs. “Spatial boundaries will not be defined, as GHG and climate change are, by nature, both regional and global,” according to the regulatory filing. The expanded scope would support the approach taken by the four First Nations noted in last week’s newsletter that are in support of energy exports that would help reduce reliance and pollution from coal-fired plants overseas.



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