The Pacific Pilotage Authority is inviting expressions of interest from parties interested in providing a pilot boat service in Cape Beale (Port Alberni) area.

Parties wishing to find out more about this opportunity are asked to contact PPA by telephone at 604-666-8575 to obtain background documentation.  Expressions of interest must be received no later than Friday, January 31st at 4:00 pm PST.

Marcella Szel has been picked by the board to replace Nancy Olewiler, whose term as a director expired on December 31, 2013. Szel has been on the TransLink board since January 2012. A former CP Rail executive and Coal Association of Canada board member, Szel is also vice chair of Port Metro Vancouver. View news release.  Brenda Eaton, who served as deputy minister to former premier Gordon Campbell, has joined the board for a three-year term.  The other board members are Howard Nemtin (vice chair), Robin Chakrabarti, Rick Christiaanse, Lorraine Cunningham, W. John Dawson, Barry Forbes, and Don Rose.

293 vancouver-wa

    site of proposed new Tesoro oil export terminal

On January 10, a Superior Court Judge ruled in favor of the Port of Vancouver, WA against three environmental groups that have been trying to stop development of a 42-acre oil-handling terminal for Tesoro. The three groups – Columbia Riverkeeper, the Northwest Environmental Defense Center and the Sierra Club jointly sued in October 2013 to stop the project on the basis that a 10-year, $45 million lease agreement was approved before an environmental study had been conducted. The project involves the development and operation of a new 120,000 barrels-per-daycrude-by-rail unloading and marine export facility.

293 oilspill

Transport Canada is inviting comments by January 31, 2014 on the report of the panel appointed to review Canada’s Ship-Source Oil Spill Preparedness and Response Regime. The report was formally released on December 3 2013 and can be found at   Many of you have been briefed on the report at Chamber meetings but should you have any questions or wish to discuss any aspect of the report, please contact Stephen at the Chamber. For its part, the Chamber will be making a submission hence the Board welcomes any member input by close of business, January 24. Individual submissions to Transport Canada can be also made to:

Ms. Genevieve St-Amour
Policy Analyst
330 Sparks Street
Place de Ville, Tower C, 25th Floor
Ottawa, On
K1A 0N5

Isl Tra 07 F1020029

ITB Marine Group which comprises ITB West, ITB Subsea, ITB North, ITB Fuels, and through its parent company, a partnership with Samson Tug Boats – has evolved steadily over the last decades and is now moving to a larger corporate office in Richmond.

ITB West covers Island Tug and Barge’s operation on the west coast, ITB North manages all arctic operations, and ITB Subsea now manages the submarine cable business and Canpac divers. ITB Fuels is the fuel reselling and tank farm business & Samson Tug Boats is an innovative harbour tug service based in the Fraser River.

After just over ten years at the 55 Rogers Street address, the Marine Group which provides management services to the individual business units - will move to a new building in Richmond BC, whereas the ITB West operations group has a slightly more complicated move planned. The office building located at 55 Rogers Street will be moved onto a recently renovated barge, and relocated to Island Tug & Barge’s base at Berry Point where it will provide a floating operations center.

Please note the new mailing address for the entire ITB Marine Group and Samson Tug Boats effective February 1st, 2014 shall be: Suite #310, 10991 Shellbridge Way, Richmond, B.C., Canada, V6X 3C6.

Friday, 10 January 2014 13:35

Cape Apricot pilot admits partial liability

292 CapeApricot

The pilot at the con of the Capesize bulker Cape Apricot when it was involved in the accident at Westshore terminals in December 2012 has admitted partial liability for the incident. However, judgments over much of the complex legal argument surrounding this case are required before there can be certainty as to what the liabilities of the various parties will be. Additionally, the Transportation Safety Board’s report into the incident has yet to be released.

Cape Apricot was chartered to K-Line, controlled by Japan’s Tokei Kaiun and owned by its affiliated company Leo Ocean. Westshore is believed to be claiming $50 million for physical damage and business disruption but lawyers for Leo Ocean are counter arguing that liability should be limited to a $26m security agreement already signed. The limitation of liability of a pilot under the Canadian Pilotage Act is also a matter subject to a ruling in this case.

291 Mission

   Kathleen Murray and Frank Vink prepare this year’s gift bags

It has been a long standing tradition in the Port of Vancouver that our visiting seafarers are not forgotten during the Christmas season. I (Stephen) remember as a cadet receiving a shoe box full of goodies from the Mission to Seafarers when we were once here over the Christmas period – a unique and much appreciated gesture. The picture shows Kathleen Murray, the Mission Administrator and a 20 year volunteer Frank Vink standing alongside just one of the tables holding the handouts being prepared for this year.  The Christian Reformed Church gave the Mission $10,000 to spend on this year’s treats, all of which was spent at Shoppers Drug Mart at The Old Orchard Mall, Kingsway, Burnaby. Ricky Chu, the Manager there has long provided the Mission staff with all manner of perks and discounts that allow both the downtown main building and the Roberts Bank facility to continue to provide our seafarers with what they need at a price they can afford. Thanks as always from the marine community for the great work of the Mission – not to mention Shoppers Drug Mart.

In Prince Rupert, the new seafarer centre operated by the Lighthouse Harbour Ministries received its 5,000th earlier this month and have put together over 100 Christmas gift bags for the seafarers with contributions from the Salvation Army and the North Vancouver centre.

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